June 30, 2008

Nafurahi kusafiri Tanzania tena kwa sababu safari yangu itakuwa na nafasi nyingi kusoma Kiswahili. Ni bora nisome yuko Tanzania.
Visa...check. Immunizations...check. Airline tickets...check. Camera, journal, clean socks...doublecheck.

In five days, I will set out on a two month trip around Tanzania and Kenya. I am deeply humbled by the opportunity and anxious to deepen my study of Swahili, the knowledge of which has grown since I first began in Mwalimu Lyabaya's class back in 2003. This will be my second trip to Tanzania, this time north to the world-famous city of Arusha. I also hope to return to Dar es Salaam at the end of July, God willing.
I am not as academically motivated to learn Swahili as I am to speak it and by speaking it to truly develop the listening and comprehension necessary for true fluency. I have so much to look forward to and be thankful for, and I want this blog to reflect not only critical and engaged thought about history, world culture, East Africa, and the Indian Ocean, but also be a celebration of those thoughts, lives and practices I encounter. I am a little new at this blog stuff, so I feel a bit sensitive posting personal stuff, but I will try to make this as honestly personal as I can (without subjecting the two readers who are actually interested to blush-inducing fits of TMI).

More to come...


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