June 17, 2009

Changes to The Site Underway: Introducing the Azanian Sea

Salaam to All of You Readers and Thank You for Taking the Time to Check This Blog Out. You may have noticed that the name and description of the website has changed, and I hope to be able to announce some other new content in the coming months.

This site, which began as a personal travel blog, is becoming something else: a knowledge resource where students, writers, travellers, linguists, and anyone interested in the Indian Ocean can come to learn. The web is a tool like any other, and I am only beginning to tap into its potential. That is why over the next few months, I hope to add new contributors and team members, a clarified mission statement, and several visual bells and whistles.

For now, I would like to introduce the site's new name, The Azanian Sea, which is the ancient name given by Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder for the western Indian Ocean that borders East Africa, particularly Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique. As always, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. One Love.


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