July 14, 2009

Content Ideas: The Azanian Sea

Interested in Writing For Us? Here are some of the topics we're interested in. Don't find your's listed? Email nmathews@azaniansea.com with your idea:

Content Areas:

Politics: country profiles, elections, young people organizing, emerging trends, maritime security, regional cooperation, revolution and Islam, Is democracy the best form of government?, the African diaspora in the Arab world

Business, Technology, and Development: appropriate technology, development, infrastructure, cell phones, wireless internet, challenges of the 2/3rds world, pitfalls of tourism, Islamic banking

Music, Art, and Culture: ngoma, bongo flava, taarab, Islam, hip hop, globalization of American youth style, hybrid musical forms, artist profiles, record reviews, religious art, interreligious cooperation, educational policy, emerging trends in teaching Kiswahili, the Arabic origins of Kiswahili, youth culture in the Indian Ocean

History: emerging historical trends, historiography of the Indian Ocean, scholarly resources, slavery, race, maritime empires, colonialism, pre-colonial Africa, cultural mixing, origins of humankind, the impact of global hegemony on the Western academy

Environment: fishing resources and Somali pirates, deforestation, water conservation in the desert, oil and natural gas, landfills and waste removal, power crises in Africa, the politics of land usage


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