March 31, 2010

Sudanese Election Guide (Sahel Blog)

Alex Thurston is a writer/blogger (among other things) on political and social issues in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa:

"Sudan’s elections will take place from April 11-13, and I’m starting to familiarize myself with the technicalities of the process. I thought I’d share what I’m learning. Today I found the website of the National Election Commission. I urge interested readers to look around there. Perhaps most importantly, in the documents section, a factsheet entitled “The Electoral Process in General” explains how the results will come out:"

The full post can be found at his site which also includes links to the National Election Commission and the BBC.

We at the Azanian Sea hope to continue bringing you more information and resources on one of the most important elections in Sudan's recent history (as well as the first democratic election in ten years).


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