September 19, 2010

Conference: Islam in Contemporary Ethiopia

Won't be able to make this, but it looks interesting!

Transforming Identities and New Representations of Muslims in Contemporary Ethiopia

Date: 22-23 September 2010
Venue: UiB Global (University of Bergen), Jekteviksbakken 31

This workshop aims to analyse the transformation of Muslim identities and the production of new representations and imaginations of Islam and Muslims in Ethiopia. Integrated in the research questions are how recent socio-political dynamics have shaped new patterns of integration and translocal entanglements, while at the same time contributing to new practices of boundary-making. Such reciprocal and dynamic processes explain how new trajectories of communications may trigger old as well as new possible lines of conflict. Overall, the workshop seeks to fill a neglected aspect of Ethiopian Studies. It intends to collocate recent research on Islam in contemporary Ethiopia, as well as to identify areas in need for further investigations. Current trends within the Muslim community will be treated in relation to contemporary political, economical, social and cultural developments. This is both related to discourses within the Muslim community and with reference to the wider Ethiopian society.

The workshop is organized by Patrick Desplat (University of Cologne) and Terje Ostebo (University of Florida), and is co-sponsored by the Center for African Studies at the University of Florida, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Christian Michelsen Institute, University of Bergen, and NLA University college.

September 22:

A. Ethiopian Muslims and the Horn of Africa
(Discussant: Dr. Nefissa Naguib)

"Genealogies of Somali Islamic Politics: The contribution of 'Ethiopian' Somalis" (Dr. Cedric Barnes)
"Islam, War and Peace in the Horn of Africa" (Dr. Haggai Erlich)
"The ideologies of Al-Shabaab" (Dr. Stig Jarle Hansen)
"Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama'a and Somali Sufism in the Horn of Africa" (Dr. Roland Marchal)

B. Capacities and Constrains: Muslim Representations in the Ethiopian Public Sphere
(Discussant: Dr. Lovise Aalen)

"Islam in Contemporary Ethiopia: New Possibilities and Enduring constraints" (Dr. Dereje Fayissa)
"Living Across Digital Landscapes: Indian Guru, Hadrami Diaspora and Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia" (Samson A. Bezabeh)
"The production of social and territorial boundaries in a context of increasing external influences: Adaptation and resistance to change among Muslim Afar pastoralists" (Dr. Simone Rettberg)
"Youth, Islam, and Ethno-nationalism in contemporary Bale" (Dr. Terje Østebø)

C. Transforming Muslim Identities: Reform, Appropriation and Resistance
(Discussant: Dr. Benjamin Soares)

"The Sacralization of Space: Islamic Shrines, Place-Making and the Heritage Industry in Harar" (Dr. Patrick Desplat)
"Identity, Islam and Ethnic Politics among the Siltie of Ethiopia" (Zerihun A. Woldesellassie)
"The Formation of a Muslim Regional Cult in Eastern Ethiopia - Sitti Momina and the Faraqasa Connection" (Dr. Minako Ishihara)
"Islamic Literary Heritage in Ethiopia: Change and Continuity" (Hassan Muhammed Kawo)


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