February 11, 2011

New Publication: Ethiopian Journal of Religious Studies

Tsehai Publishers is proud to announce the launch of the Ethiopian Journal
of Religious Studies. The journal captures the rich heritage of religion
and faith in Ethiopia, bringing you the best in analysis and
interpretation. Featuring the highest quality of international
contributors, EJRS will uncover the past and present, illuminating complex
contemporary issues and debates. The religions of Ethiopia have an
astonishingly complex and intricate history. From being one of the first
countries in history to accept Christianity, to its preservation of Islam,
to the complex issues of the Ethiopian Jews, and the country's own rich
indigenous religious traditions, there is an untapped richness to be

The Ethiopian Journal of Religious Studies seeks book reviews from scholars
of Ethiopia, of Religious Studies and related fields: Sociology,
Anthropology, History, Philosophy, etc. A commitment to review the book
received is required.

Deadline for the next issue: April 1, 2011. Please contact Cynthia Carr,
cynthia.e.carr@tsehaipublishers.com, for more information.

As of 2/8/11, books available include:

Christianity in Ethiopia:
Priests & Politicians: Protestant & Catholic Missions in Orthodox Ethiopia
(1830-1868) by Donald Crummey
Mission to Ethiopia: An American Lutheran Memoir (1957-2003)by Leonard
Flachman & Merlyn Seitz (Eds.)
The Missionary Strategies of the Jesuits in Ethiopia (1555-1632) by Leonardo
State and Church in Ethiopia (1270-1527) by Taddesse Tamrat

Islam in Ethiopia:
Islamic Finance: Law, Economics, and Practice by Mahmoud A. El-Gamal
The Archaeology of Islam in Sub-Saharan African by Timothy Insoll
Sharia: Theory, Practice and Transformations by Wael B. Hallaq

Judaism in Ethiopia:
The Evolution of Ethiopian Jews by James Quirin
Jews and Blacks in the Early Modern World by Jonathan Schorsch

Futuh Al-Habasa: The Conquest of Abyssinia by Paul Lester Stenhouse (Trans.)
Ethiopia: Judaism, Altars, and Saints by Stuart Munro-Hay
Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia: Islam, Christian, and Politics Entwined by Haggai
Islam & Christianity in the Horn of Africa: Somalia, Ethiopia & Sudan by
Haggai Erlich


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