November 3, 2012

Back in Muscat (Nimerudi Muscat) رجعت مسقط

Dear Azanian Sea Readers, I apologize for the long time away. I have been very busy writing exams, defending my dissertation prospectus, passing my language proficiency in Arabic (reading at least), and preparing for my Fulbright Fellowship. I will be in Muscat, Oman from 2012-2013, under the aegis of the Fulbright Fellowship. The Fulbright Program sponsors students and professors from the United States to conduct research and also teach abroad. It also sponsors foreigners to study in the US (more on that later). I am very grateful to the Fulbright Program for this wonderful opportunity. I will be conducting dissertation research on the Swahili-speaking Omanis (euphemistically known as "Zanzibaris" in Oman). I will essentially be creating an oral archive of stories of migration from East Africa and return to Oman, since their stories have never been told. I am very excited for this journey to begin, just as soon as I get some details out of the way--like student visa, resident ID card, apartment, and car.


nautilus November 3, 2012 at 11:02 PM  

Congratulations. You must be very excited! Wishing you well with your research. This is a very interesting topic. How many years will it take? And it is just in time as the people who returned to Oman / yemen after the 1964 revolution, must, like me, be getting older. Regards Anne

Nathaniel Mathews December 4, 2012 at 3:06 AM  

Thank you Anne! Indeed, many of that first generation are getting quite old, so I am happy to be getting their stories. I hope to spend a year here in Oman, and a year in East Africa, primarily in Zanzibar. One of these days we must connect in person!

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