August 18, 2008

Mamba Village+The Lingam Cave

Took a day-trip to Nyali to poke around on the beach and got completely sunburned. I swear I am well on track for skin cancer! Anyway, hiked a little south to see this beautiful cave/temple which houses several natural lingams and a rock that allegedly looks like Lord Ganesh. Its a very lovely place, and I got into a stimulating discussion of monotheism with the African caretaker of the cave. Finishing, I had to climb back down the way I had climbed up, and then hike back over sharp coral with the tide coming in--not the most pleasant experience. Ended up in the afternoon at Mamba Village, an absolutely sick place which I nevertheless found completely fascinating. Mamba is Swahili for crocodile, and as you can see from the pictures, they keep literally tens of thousands of crocodiles for farming purposes. Most are slaughtered between the ages of 3 and 7, for their skin and meat. Everywhere you look in the various pens and pools, there are crocodiles with jaws, noses, arms, and legs bitten off.
At 5:00, like some twisted psychological experiment, they ring the bell and bring a bucket of meat to the main pool to feed the adult crocs. Since crocodiles can take one meal a month and be fine, the feeders deliberately space out the feedings so they can show this spectacle every day to eager visitors. Dangling the meat above the water, the feeders taunt the crocs to jump and grab it, and, as you can see the crocs do not disappoint. I was revolted and entranced at the same time.


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