October 21, 2008

Hapo Vipi? Hapo Sawa! Bongo FLAAAVAAA! Piga kelele!!

I can't get enough of TZ music. You really need to hear Dar mpaka Moro in the club! Here are some of the best songs from TZ giants like Professor Jay, TMK Wanaume, Dully Sykes, Lady Jay Dee, TID, and Kassim. The last video is a must see for any hiphop heads...hiphop didn't die, it just went on permanent vacation to the continent. Much respect to these artists and others representing Tanzanian music.
Dar Mpaka Moro TMK Wanaume

Zeze TID

Haiwezekani Kassim

Dhababu Dully Sykes

Hapo Vipi? Hapo Sawa Professor Jay

Usiusemee Moyo Lady Jay Dee

Anita Matonya ft. Lady Jay Dee

Nikusaidiaje? Professor Jay

And finally, Professor Jay rips it in Swahili..this track is bananas. He's telling a real story and his cadence is...remarkable. He's definitely taking it to another level artistically.


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