November 19, 2008

Piracy in the Indian Ocean

Somali 'pirates' have been in the news, and the media is of course treating the story with typical poor reporting (except for al-Jazeera, may its house increase). Like they refer to the main boat that these Somalis launch raids from as "the mothership" like these people are some Borg-like other race. Anyway, the ship boardings and kidnappings have intensified over the past weeks.

I have this sinking feeling that 'piracy' is gonna be the new catchword on par with terrorism, thus transforming what is basically an act of economic desperation into an act with connotations of preying on innocents. Folks, these are OIL TANKERS, ok, not little fishing vessels. Why else do you think these 'pirates' are boarding them? There is MAD multinational DOUGH involved! These are ex-fishermen who've been getting royally F--KED by the world economy--basically its open season for international fishermen off the coast of Somalia, since the non-existent Somalian government is unable to defend, patrol, or even assert its rights to its own coastal waters. I mean isn't it also piracy to trespass in another nation's coastal waters?
Sorry, its late, I had to rant...What do you think?


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