July 13, 2008

Picha Zaidi kwa safiri ya wikendi

This weekend was busy. Saturday we toured the United African Alliance Community Center, started by Pete O'Neal and his wife Charlotte. Pete and Charlotte are former revolutionary activists who fled the United States after Pete was convicted on charges of carrying guns across state lines. Like many Panthers, they faced active harrasment from the FBI. However they have kept their fire and zeal alive through some difficult times.
They continue the spirit of Panther community organizing through the many programs at the Center. Please visit:www.uaacc.habari.co.tz/ to learn more about the great things they are doing. Some of the art you see in the pictures above is from their Center.
Saturday night was a dance party...say no more. Then today we set out to see Kilimanjaro. We got as far as the gate and after learning it would cost 60 dollars just to get inside, decided on a cheaper alternative: the waterfall (maparomoko ya maji). To top it all off, I learned the Kiswahili verb for animals mating. It is kupandana, which literally means: to climb on each other. Hahahaha. Enjoy.


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